Greetings Kings and Queens of the World, 
It is with great honor and privilege that I welcome you to our (virtual) home. It seems like just yesterday, Pi Kappa Psi was merely an aspiration and today I am pleased to share with you the finished product, born of my passions and beliefs. I hope that this organization serves as a place of refuge for many women seeking genuine sisterhood with an everlasting bond and may it be a vessel, used to spread love, kindness, and empowerment into every community we can reach. 

Pi Kappa Psi Sorority was created, not out of lack of substance for any other organization because we respect and appreciate the organizations that have come before us, ultimately paving the way; it was however created to take a different fraternal approach with the greatest emphasis on sisterhood itself. We welcome you to take this journey with us, in whatever capacity you may choose, and be a witness to the beautiful legacy in the making.  Be blessed and encouraged and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

"Write it the way you want it recited."
-Candace Mays.


The purpose of Pi Kappa Psi Sorority is to unite women sharing common goals, ideas and aspirations and creating a platform through which these women can empower, encourage and inspire one another and others; to create a society of women who are pillars in the community and carry themselves in an elite and ladylike fashion at all times, serving as a figure young women can look to for guidance and direction; to help establish higher standards and to create programs and opportunities to dramatically increase the quality or life and/or socioeconomic position of all who we encounter, through philanthropy and service, education, events, and more.


The mission of Pi Kappa Psi Sorority is to unify women of all creeds, nationalities, backgrounds and walks of life for the purposes of sisterhood, and service; to support them as they support one another in their academic, personal, spiritual and professional development, to build a more favorable sense of self image through fortification, support and reaffirmation; to come together to overcome obstacles, identify and alleviate hardships and injustices plaguing women, to foster individual excellence while together, making strides to establish and maintain an excellent sisterhood; to dispel the idea that as women we are in competition and banish the dog-eat-dog mentality and inspire unity, family, loyal and trust among those who are members and affiliates of Pi Kappa Psi sorority, cultivating women all over the world to do the same.


Pi Kappa Psi Sorority is emerging into the world with the vision of making a paramount difference in the lives of the women in our own communities, as well as those outside of our direct influence. It is not just the black community, the community of women or individuals in the same regions as our chapters that we want to impact. We are here to change the world. Pi Kappa Psi will, through volunteerism, innovation and charity, be a leader in creating opportunities that are rare and non-existent, taking the roads less traveled in our philanthropy. 

The Big Idea: