About Us
Pi Kappa Psi Sorority is an organization that was founded on the governing principles of sisterhood, empowerment and support. Many other sororities exist and while considered “sisterhoods”, sisterhood actually takes a back seat to policies, nominations, and other logistical priorities. Pi Kappa Psi puts sisterhood FIRST as the foremost priority. If all members are in sync, in harmony and on one accord, it is then inevitable that more can be accomplished.

Pi Kappa Psi was created as a network of women devoted to empowering one another while aiming to be anything but ordinary, inspiring women to break free of the run of the mill and break into the extraordinary!

Joining Pi Kappa Psi gives members exposure to many great opportunities for networking, educational and personal growth, charity and philanthropy but moreover, the conglomeracy of women who will unconditionally support one another, push each other to be their absolute best and reciprocate the sisterhood that is contributed.

PI in the community

Pi Kappa Psi is actively expanding it's community engagement but our current CORE programs are as follows: 
  • Cinderella Project
  • Identity Initiative
  • Upcoming Elite Exhibition
  • Minority Resource
  • Trans Safety Haven Alliance
  • Women's Empowerment Conference and Summit
  • LGBT: Ally Project
  • Infertility Awareness Walk
  • Streets Alternative
  • The Ceci Denise Business and Arts Scholarship, awarded by Pi Kappa Psi
  • Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention
  • Break Bread
  • Secret Santa
  • Home for the Holidays
  • A host of other charitable causes independently established by the independent chapters.
  • BYBB: Building Young Black Billionaires
We are constantly adding to this list and expanding our reach in the community and look forward to the opportunity to learn more about how we can help other organizations and causes.
Current Active Chapters: 
Alpha Omega Grand Chapter-Nationwide
Alluring Alpha Grad Chapter-Detroit, MI : Contact Shonda Curlpepper
Breathtaking Beta Graduate Chapter-Las Vegas, NV: Contact Candace Mays
Bodacious Beta Alpha Undergraduate Chapter-Las Vegas, NV: Contact Candace Mays
Astonishing Alpha Alpha Undergraduate Chapter-Detroit, MI​: Contact Shonda Curlpepper
Gorgeous Gamma Graduate Chapter-New York, NY: Contact Dani Green

Dexterous Delta Graduate Chapter-Houston, TX
Exuberant Epsilon Undergraduate Chapter-Atlanta, GA
Zealous Zeta Graduate Chapter-San Antonio, TX

Stay tuned for additional chartering or contact us to discuss how to charter your own.